A new model for AI governance

Over the last centuries, humanity has tested and implemented various governance models for society and individuals. Checks and balances, separation of powers and democracy are ways of making our societies to be governed

A cryptographic paradigm shift in data cybersecurity

Photo by Jose Fontano on UnsplashAccording to the annual report from the WEF about global risks, increased cyber-threats is one of the biggest risks that companies and countries face right now. Attacks in

Brief Introduction to Secure Cryptographic Enclaves

Photo by Johannes Plenio on UnsplashWhen Apple released the iPhone 5S in 2013, most people focused on its new camera and features such as Touch ID. However, on top of these features, Apple

The evolution of cryptography (deciphered)

Cryptography is the backbone of our current digital society, but how did it become so important? Interestingly, the systematic study of cryptography as a science (and perhaps as an art) started only during

Proving Knowledge of a Hash Pre-Image with ZoKrates

In this blog we implement a problem that's very typical in blockchain use-cases: proving the knowledge of a pre-image for a given SHA-256 digest. We will begin demystifying this machinery by computing the

Introduction to zk-SNARKs (Part 1)

OverviewIn this series of posts, we will look at zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs): a family of probabilistic protocols, first described by Goldwasser, Micali and Rackoff in 1985, which has garnered increased popularity with the

Why Decentralize?

Why do people protest against nuclear power? It’s clean, it’s cheap, and it doesn’t smell. Perhaps it is because of the risk attached to this source of electricity. In case